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What is G2S?

G2S, also known as Game to System, is an open standards protocol for the casino gaming industry to allow gaming machines to communicate with back office management systems. The G2S protocol is being developed by the Gaming Standards Association (GSA), a consortium of manufacturers and operators in the casino gaming industry.

What is openG2S?

Incredible Technologies, the manufacturer of coin operated video games such as Golden Tee Golf and Silver Strike Bowling, joined the GSA early in 2007 to contribute their expertise with server based gaming to the GSA. Incredible Technologies is a strong proponent of open source projects and has been embedding open source technologies in its games for years.

After joining the GSA, Incredible Technologies observed that given the open nature of the protocol itself, an implementation of the G2S protocol would be a perfect candidate for open source. An open source implementation would give the GSA and the gaming industry numerous benefits including:

  • An implementation that companies working on the protocol can use to prove out different aspects of the protocol.
  • The ability for operators, manufacturers, and host developers to collaborate even closer to ensure that the protocol is meeting the needs of the industry.
  • An implementation that can be referenced by anyone looking to implement G2S to see how the definition of the protocol translates into real world functionality and usage
  • A low cost barrier to entry for companies looking to implement G2S but which don't have the resources to build an implementation of the protocol from scratch.

Current State of openG2S

A base architecture for openG2S has been developed and implemented in Java 1.6. Several of the core classes have been implemented but are a work in progress. These include Communications, Meters, and Events. openG2S is currently working from the v1.03 schemas of G2S.

Future of openG2S

We are diligently working on implementing all of the G2S classes. The project will eventually be expanded onto different platforms including C# and C++.

Contributing to openG2S

We welcome anyone that is interested in G2S to contribute to the project! We look forward to the involvement of GSA member companies. Please visit the project page at Source Forge for more details on the project.


openG2S is not affiliated with the Gaming Standards Association and is operated independently as an open source project. Please see the Legal Info page for more information.