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How to run the openG2S Test Harness

  • Download and install Java 1.6 JDK. It can be found here: Sun Downloads
  • Download and install Netbeans 5.5. It can be found here: Netbeans.org
  • You can either download and install the Derby Database or utlize the one shipped with Java 1.6 (called the Java DB). The Derby project can be found here: Apache Derby
  • Setup Netbeans to use Derby.
    • Create a directory on your hard drive for where you want the data files for the db to live.
    • In Netbeans, choose the tools menu / options. This will bring up the options dialog.
    • Press the "Advanced Options" button.
    • Under "IDE Configuration" / "Server and External Tool Setting", select "Java DB Database".
    • In the "Java DB Location", enter in the path to where the lib directory lives for Derby. It is crucial that you get this step right and ensure you specify the parent of the lib directory or else Netbeans won't find Derby. For instance, I have Derby installed at C:\DerbyInstall. There is a folder in there called "lib" which contains all of the Derby jar files. I pointed Netbeans to my "C:\DerbyInstall" folder (but not directly to the lib folder).
    • In the "Database Location", specify the directory you created above for the data files
    • Close the dialogs
    • Choose the tools menu / Java DB Database / Create Java DB Database
    • Specify the database name as "EgmDB" (case sensitive). Do not enter a username or password. Click OK.
    • Create another database called "HostDB"
  • Retrieve all source code out of Sourceforge using a CVS utility. There are resources on SourceForge for getting CVS setup as a guest. The CVS module name is OpenG2sRoot.
  • Open up the test harness project with Netbeans. It is located at OpenG2sRoot/TestApps/g2sTest
  • Once the project is open in Netbeans, right click on the g2sTest project and in the context menu select "Open Required Projects". This will open all associated projects.
  • Start the Derby db server. You can do this under tools menu / Java DB Database / Start Java DB Server.
  • Build and run the project. This will bring up a log viewer that will show the host and egm establishing Comms Online. It will then send the appropriate keep alives